About My Family

I am a proud but stressed out SAHM to 3 beautiful children.  I'm getting close to the end of my 20s.  I am tattooed, I love to read, play games (especially Pokemon and World of Warcraft), and I'm obsessed with makeup.  Especially makeup that has to do with games (Thank you Shiro Cosmetics- everyone who wants some awesome eyeshadow should check it out).

I make jewelry and sell it on Etsy as well as going to some street and craft fairs.  Check it out here.  I'm also an Avon Rep, although I really only buy things for myself and my family, since my selling skills are lacking. 

The boyfriend is in his early 20s and a total computer geek and programmer.  He loves all kinds of computer games and is a master at making mods for Counterstrike.  He is known for his work in the gaming community as Crosshair.

The boyfriend and me

T is my oldest son.  He will be 4 in January and is starting preschool.  T has a severe speech delay and had no words until after he turned 3.  His speech is progressing in leaps and bounds, but he has apraxia and is almost impossible to understand unless you know the context of what he wants.  He also has behavior issues.  He throws horrid tantrums, can get violent, and doesn't understand the meaning of personal space.  He really is a sweet boy at heart, and he's a huge ham.  He's funny and loves Power Rangers.  He always tells me he is the Blue Ranger, I am the Pink Ranger, and Daddy is the Red Ranger.

T really loves the camera

Princess with be 3 in January.  She is one year and 2 days younger than T.  She is a Daddy's girl through and through, loves her blankie, and breaks down every time you tell  her 'no'.  She loves dresses and getting her nails painted.  She is a human tornado.  She loves cats and usually talks in her own language, which I call Siennese (her name is Sienna).

Princess in all her glory

Goober is my baby.  He is about to be a year old.  He does not leave my side, ever.  I love spending every minute with him, and I hope he never grows up.  He gets really bad eczema on his face a lot, and I have to be really careful about what he eats so he doesn't get a flare up.   He can't eat any fruit and can only eat a few types of vegetables, chicken, and Chex or Cheerios.  He is awesome.

Isn't he adorable?

I am also a future crazy cat lady.  If I had my way, I would take home every cat in the shelter and on Craigslist.  Right now I have 4.  My cat Misty is brain damaged and annoying but I adore her.  She sleeps in my bed with Goober and me.  Sunny is old and lives downstairs and I only see her when I go to the kitchen.  She likes to be alone.  Thunder lives outside in my yard.  He used to be an indoor cat but made friends with a stray and refused to come inside since.  I call the stray Fart II, since he is orange and white like the original Fart (who was my favorite cat even though he was a mean bastard and hated everyone) was stolen and the lady who took him wouldn't give him back.  I am always on a search for a replacement for Fart.

Misty is loveable but dumber than a rock

Sunny is old and hates me- she is the boyfriend's cat
Fart II-He will not let me get any closer to him

I have just added to our kitty family!  On 8/30/11, I adopted a calico cat named Cheese!  When I went to pick her up, I found out one of her kittens had been returned to the foster family and had no home.  I couldn't resist a 6 week old kitten, so I took him too.  We named him Cheddar, but I have renamed him Little Fart.  I was wary of having such a small kitten in the house because my kids might accidentally hurt him, but so far, so good.
Cheese and her kitten