My Favorite Things

Here are my favorite sites on the web. Blogs I like are on the left.  I'm going to first shamelessly promote myself and ask you to check out my jewelry shop on Etsy here.  It is called Halcyon Adornments and my sister and I run it, although I am the only one in the online shop.  We also do jewelry parties in NY/NJ/CT/PA.

As I said, I love makeup.  So here are some awesome indie makeup companies that you should definitely try.

 Shiro Cosmetics -Caitlyn is awesome, and so are her eyeshadows (Go Supereffective Collection!)

 Dawn Eyes Cosmetics -all her colors rock, but go to the purples section and check out Fantasy Flowers all the way at the bottom-I won a contest and she made the eyeshadow from my description.  It is incredibly awesome and you should all try it.

Darling Girl Cosmetics -More awesome eyeshadow

Fyrinnae -Pixie Epoxy is THE BEST product ever.  It makes your eyeshadow look foiled and you need it if you don't already own it.

I love to online shop for shoes and clothes.  Here are some of my faves.

Shoe Dazzle -The shoes are cute and they're $40 a pop.  I got the cutest wedge sandals here and I love them. They also have purses and jewelry, but I haven't bought either from them yet.

JustFabulous -It's another shoe site.  I love shoes.  These are also $40 a pop and awesome.  They also sell the best jeans ever.  I love the Fabulous Flare, which really are fabulous.  I love these jeans so much, I would sleep with them if I could.

Ideeli -I love dresses, and I've gotten some awesome ones here.  My best buy was getting a $280 dress for $23.  How can you beat that?  They also have shoes, clothes, travel, men's, etc.

Zulily -I've bought some really cute clothes and hair bows for Princess from here for cheap.  They also sell toys, shoes, boy and women's clothes

Totsy -Kid's toys and clothes.  Have you realized I really like discount sites yet?