Monday, February 13, 2012

WoW Stole my Life and the Cursed Comforter

I just noticed I haven't posted in almost 2 weeks.  The boyfriend finally renewed my WoW subscription like he promised, so all of my spare time at night has been spent playing instead of writing blog posts.  It's a seriously addicting game, and I figured I should get my money's worth and play it.

T stayed at my parent's house last night, so all was quiet here.  I finally had a chance to take my white comforter to the laundromat to get washed since it's too big to fit into the machine here, and Goober puked on it a week ago.  I cashed in my lotto tickets from Christmas to pay for it, since I didn't have $15 laying around. 

Every time I pay to get the comforter cleaned (I have a backup, but it's old, and has tons of rips in it, and it does nothing to keep me warm-my legs freeze all night), it seems like the kids get it dirty almost immediately.  I probably shouldn't have a white comforter with small children around, but it was free (from the dumpster behind Home Goods because the pillows were missing-new and in the packaging, in the dumpster), and it's really thick and warm and awesome for winter.

I usually only have it on my bed for 24 hours or so before one of the kids spill something on it, or get sick on it-the poor comforter has been puked on and pooped on more than I'd like to admit.  This time was no different.  I kept it off my bed for a few hours after bringing it home because Princess and Goober were up and about, and I figured someone would have grubby little hands that would love to get my comforter dirty. 

I put it on the bed when Goober looked like he was getting tired (since he and I share the bed).  In less than 20 minutes, he managed to get a dirty mouth print on it (even though his face looked clean when I put him on the bed).  Then T came home.  He mentioned that his stomach hurt and went downstairs to watch TV.  I ran to the store because we were out of milk.

When I got home, the boyfriend told me T threw up all over my comforter.  I was furious (not with T, but with the fact I paid $15 to get it cleaned and didn't even get to sleep under it one night).  I called my parents and they told me he was fine all day and hadn't even eaten since lunch.  I bitched and moaned about my comforter and how it is cursed, and my mom told me to come pick up a spare comforter set that she was going to return to Kohl's (with a normal sized comforter that will fit in my washing machine).

I picked it up, got the bed made, and took a shower.  T and Princess were in my bed when I got out.  He told me he threw up again-all over my new sheets and comforter, that once again, I didn't even get to sleep under.  I wanted to scream.  Instead, I did the laundry, and put everything back on the bed before it was totally dry because I hate having an unmade bed at night.

I banished T to the couch and he fell asleep almost immediately.  I attempted to wash the cursed comforter in my machine.  I practically broke a sweat shoving it to fit.  The machine made horrible noises the entire time, and the comforter is so big, the part at the top of the machine stayed dry.  I don't even know if the machine still works right, but I guess I'll find out.  Oh, and the comforter was still stained, so I have to go take it to get bleached at the laundromat anyway.  It's been in the dryer for 3 hours and it's still wet. 

Oh, and T woke up and barfed all over his grandma's computer keyboard.  I'm just happy it wasn't mine, and I'm hoping she doesn't see my comforter in the dryer because she will kill me.  I'm waiting for her to go to bed so I can sneak it upstairs and hang it over the bannister to finish drying.  I guess T won't be going to school tomorrow.

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