Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Little Overboard

"Hey! of these!"

"Are you seriously ordering another martini?"

"I'm not drunk!  I'm just a little...inebriated...I am, I swear."

"What is this?  Martini number 15?  You need to cool it."

"I'm fine, I'm just here to!  Your birthday."

"You're drunk.  Are you really ok?"

"I'm fine.  Thank you...oops!  giggle I just spilled the whole thing...lemme get another one."

"No, you're cut off.  Do you need help getting home?  Should I call you a cab?"

"I am good.  And I am not drunk!  And I am going home.  And I can drink more-I'm just okay because...because it's your birthday."

"Get home safe, thank you for coming to my party-you made it-interesting."

"You keep having fun.  Goodnight.  And I'm still not drunk."

This post was written in response to Jenny Matlock's Saturday Centus prompt.
This week we are doing a DIALOGUE story.  All dialogue. Period. Word Count-150 words plus the six words of the prompt. Style of writing-Dialogue Only. No pictures-paint the story with your words. The prompt this week is: "Are you seriously ordering another martini?" 
A conversation like this actually happened at my friend's 22nd birthday party at a bar in Philadelphia.  I am the drunk in question in the story.

Jenny Matlock


  1. Wow! This sounds soooo familiar! I actually had this happen at a party I gave. Fortunately, the person lived within walking (or CRAWLING) distance of my house. I didn't invite him back.

    Great take on the prompt!!!

  2. My goodness, I would imagine if someone had that many martini's they would be passed out on the floor LOL. Must be the type of person that can drink a lot, ha, ha.

  3. thats alot of martinis I can picture this and it is not good

  4. Thank you all for the comments! @Judie-at least he lived close-I probably wouldn't have invited him back either. @Viki-I eventually ended up passed out in my bathtub. I could definitely hold my liquor in college, but if I did that today, I would probably end up in the hospital. @beckyp-you're right, it wasn't good. I don't know how I made it 7 blocks home that night, and it is one of the reasons I no longer drink.

  5. Your dialogue really drives the story! How many of us have been in similar situations? Too many, I fear.

    Great Centus.


  6. Great use of the prompt. Sorry that you had to live it, though. Especially the next morning!

  7. Friends don't let friends drive or stumble home. This person must not have a liver if they can drink like that! LOL~Ames

  8. Methinks he doth protest too much! Good job! laurie

  9. I have so been here. It usually happens w/ the woman up the street, though - so she can get home safe.

  10. Loved this! I loved your dialogue here. I read it out loud (as I've been doing for all these SC's) and it was perfect!

    Thanks for linking up!

    I like your style!