Monday, September 12, 2011

Swarovski Crystal Link Bracelet

Here's a tutorial for my favorite bracelet ever.  I wear one every day, and I also sell them in my Etsy Shop.
6 3-inch long pieces of 24 gauge craft wire
6 8mm Swarovski round beads, in the color of your choice
40 4mm Swarovski bicone beads, in coordinating colors (10 each of 4 colors)
40 24 gauge headpins
1 TierraCast spiral toggle clasp set (choose either type of toggle in either copper, silver plated, or gold plated-make sure links, wire and headpins are all the same color-I used silver)
2 TierraCast spiral ring components in 16mm
2 TierraCast spiral ring components in 19mm
1 TierraCast spiral ring component in 25mm

You will also need:
a wirecutter
chain nose pliers
round nose pliers

1. Take a piece of the wire and made a loop about an inch down.  Add a the bar side of the toggle clasp, and make a wire wrapped link.  Add a 6mm round Swarovski crystal, then make another loop, add a 16mm link, and complete the wire wrap.  The loops should be on the large side, since you will be adding wire wrapped beads to them.

2. Continue to make wire wrapped links with one bead per link in this order: After the 16mm link, connect to a 19mm link, then the 25mm link, then a 19mm link, the other 16mm link, and finally, the other end of the toggle clasp.

3. String a 4mm bicone bead on a headpin and make a small loop.  Wire wrap this to the first link attached to the 16mm spiral ring component.  Continue to do this with the other 3 colors.
4. Continue to do this on all of the remaining links except for the loops attached to either side of the toggle clasp.  You will wire wrap 4 beads on each link.  There are 10 links.

Voila!  This bracelet should take about 3 hours from start to finish.  If it is too loose on your wrist (it tends to be on mine), you can put the toggle bar through a 16mm link so it is snug.

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  1. What a pretty bracelet! I have been too intimidated to try making jewelry but your posts makes it doable. Thank you so much for linking up at Savvy HomeMade Monday and I hope you will come back and party again!