Saturday, September 10, 2011

School and Bees

Yesterday was T's third day of preschool.  I picked him and we went home.  I left him with his dad and went to Costco, where I bought enough school snacks to last until the new year.  Then I came home.

We were hanging out in my bed, watching Scooby Doo, even though it's the new one and I think it's a little too scary for the kids.  T got upset and was pointing to his leg.

"Mommy, ing, ing, ow!"  I looked at his leg, and lo and behold, there was a bee sting.  It was not there in the morning, and he didn't get it on the way to or from my car, which means he got it at school.  I double-checked with the boyfriend to make sure that it was, in fact, a bee sting.  It was, and he had to get the rest of the stinger out.

Needless to say, I was livid.  Thank God he wasn't allergic.  I have a huge fear of bees, and I have never been stung.  I am terrified I will be allergic.  When I see a bee, I scream and run.  Sometimes, there is also crying involved.  I'm just happy T was ok.  I asked him where he got the sting, and he told me it happened at "ool".

I know the kids all have time on the school playground.  I'm assuming that is when it happened.  I'm also sure that T would most likely have screamed and possibly cried when it happened, and he definitely would have showed it to an adult.  Even if they couldn't understand what he told them, the sting was obvious.  It was on the side of his leg, just below his knee.  I know that by the time I saw it, it was red around the edges and swollen.

So why did no one tell me?  Someone at the school had to realize he got stung by a bee, or at least that something happened on the playground.  This is supposed to be a wonderful school.  The longer I reflect on it, the angrier I am. 

I would understand if he fell down and didn't get hurt and no one told me, but a bee sting?  It is ridiculous.  I am going to give the principal or whoever is in charge an earful on Monday, because what they did is not ok.

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