Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Quiet Place

The dented and faded floral couch sags gently underneath as I cross my legs and lean back comfortably.  I reach up my arm to turn on the lamp that has stood here since before my birth.
Bathed in gentle light, I silently slip my book off the end table, gently brushing my elbow against the black rotary phone.
The fire in the cast iron stove flickers gently, embers dampened until morning.
The steady ticking of the kitchen clock mixed with the small snores of children soothe me.
I am finally alone and at peace.  Only the crickets stir in the pitch dark night.

This post was written in response to this week's remembeRED prompt from Write on Edge. Where is your quiet place? What does it look like? What happens there?
I, of course, wrote again about reading at night in my cabin upstate.  There is nothing more calming, soothing, or fulfilling than practically anything I do in that house.  I just love it so much.
Write on Edge: RemembeRED


  1. Sigh. There is something about curling up with a good book that just makes everything okay.

  2. Curling up in front of the fireplace on an old familiar couch, with a good read in your hands (AND the children all asleep) sounded heavenly!!!

  3. I love curling up with a good book, especially somewhere comfy, with the softness of an old lamp lighting the pages.

  4. I love reading late into the night and a fireplace just makes the scene that more perfect.

  5. It is nice that you have a place of sanctuary where you can escape.

  6. This? Sounds amazing! I adore curling up with a good book! And that fire? Is icing. Love!

  7. teehee this made me smile so much.... also made me want to read a book.
    loved it.

  8. I loved the combination of memories, childhood, motherhood, and escape. What a wonderful quiet place!