Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The SIL From Hell

"Why does she have a key and I don't?" I ranted to the boyfriend.  "I live here!  She doesn't.  I want her key."

The 'she' in question was the boyfriend's sister.  I discovered she had let herself into our house while I was still asleep, and I was beyond shocked to find someone sitting at the computer when I went to get a bowl of cereal.

She looked me over, said nothing, and turned back to the screen.  I went upstairs and raised hell.  It made me uncomfortable that she could just walk into our house at any time, whether we were here or not, and do whatever she wanted.  I'm sure the fact that I was 6 months pregnant and trying to take care of a 9 month old baby didn't help either.

Eventually, I brought the baby downstairs to see her.  I thought that maybe I was overreacting to her, and I would give her another chance.  I put him in his bouncy swing-the kind that hangs from the doorway. 

"Why is he so chubby?  Are you sure you know what you're doing?"

Excuse me?  You've never met me or your nephew before and those are the first words out of your mouth?  I was seriously thisclose to yanking a cleaver out of the knife block and stabbing a bitch.

You're barely 21, married your military boyfriend so you would get money (and promptly got divorced once he left active service), and don't have or want kids (just yappy, poorly behaved dogs), and you have the nerve to criticize me?  And my infant?  When this is the first time we've met and you didn't even have the decency to introduce yourself?  Who the hell do you think you are?

That was the moment I knew it would never work out.  She and I would never be friends, and we have, in fact, become enemies.  She is no longer allowed to see my kids after many more unpleasant incidents.  As far as I'm concerned, the only aunts my children have are my sister and my best friend from college.

I know the boyfriend wishes I could pretend to like her, but I don't have it in me.  I put up with her crap so many times.  I'm not going to sit there and take insults about my kids, or veiled nastiness.  It would be different if she was nice to my kids-she's not.  She won't even pick them up.  So the only one losing out is her.  Maybe one day she'll either drink herself to death or get over herself.   Until then, she is dead to me and my babies.

This post was written in response to this week's remembeRED prompt from Write on Edge. This week, we asked you to write about a relationship you knew was doomed from the start. It could be your own relationship or one of a close friend or family member. The only thing we required was that it not be fiction.

Write on Edge: RemembeRED


  1. Ugh. I have a not-so-perfect SIL too and it's so hard to find a balance (if it's even possible). But it's even harder to hold my tongue :)

  2. Wow. Just wow. She sounds just awful. You have my sympathy.

    I like that you approached the prompt from a different point of view. Your relationship with your SIL sounds like the epitome of doomed. What a jerk.

  3. Sorry to hear that your SIL was such a pain! I hope in time the BF would understand why you two didn't get along.

  4. Oh Lordy, I have an SIL. Not quite like that, but we could totally dish. It is always disappointing when a relationship you had hoped would work just doesn't gel.


  5. Truly cringeworthy! I think it's interesting that your aha moment didn't even have anything to do with the boyfriend!

  6. That is so sad. Especially that she has no idea what she's missing by not being in her brother's life..

  7. Thank you all for the comments! She is definitely awful-maybe one day she will realize it and be nicer-but I won't hold my breath for that moment.

  8. ~~~Why is he so chubby? Are you sure you know what you're doing?"~~~

    Are you serious?

    I think I would have shown Miss Bitch the door...