Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Things I Have Done

Last week I wrote a list of Things I've Never Done, so here's one of things I have done.
I am 27 and I have:

1. Been to jail (I was only there for 2 days, though).

2. Visited Versailles (if you've never gone, you're not missing anything-it's so moldy I got sick both times I went)
The gardens are pretty cool, though.
3.  Seen someone throw a dead body out of their car onto the highway.

4. Had hair so long it was past my butt.

5. Traveled to France, Germany, Mexico, Canada, the Dominican Republic, and South Korea.

6. Given money to a homeless man outside my apartment and later saw on the news that he killed someone (and I probably paid for his bus or train ticket out of Philly).

7. Run up the Philadelphia Art Museum steps like I was Rocky Balboa.

My old apartment is the first building on the right that you can see
8. Had someone steal my favorite cat (Fart, I still miss you even though everyone else hated you, and if I ever get a chance, I will steal you back).

 This is not Fart but is an eerily similar cat I tried to adopt from Petsmart

9. Been involved in a knife fight.

10. Gotten lots of tattoos and piercings (although I only have my ears and nose pierced now).

11. Been addicted to drugs and tried almost every drug in the book, but managed to come out on top.

12. Received love songs from someone in prison.

13. Owned a jeweled cockroach that I could attach to a brooch and wear (yes it was alive-I had it for almost 3 years and kept it in a terrarium).

Seriously, it was so cool.  I wish I had another one.
14. Watched a bag full of frozen rodents fall onto my dad's friend's head (it was hysterical, and they were dead pets that we were keeping until the ground thawed and we could bury them).

It looked kind of like this, but there were some dead guinea pig babies too.
 15. Given birth naturally and without any drugs at at to 2 of my 3 children (and I have an epidural horror story with my oldest).

16. Owned the best Husky ever that we rescued right before his 3rd birthday (he lived to the ripe old age of 14 and held on until I could see him one last time).

17. Stretched my earlobes to 5/8" when I was 17 because I didn't know that was way past the point of no return (which is approximately 5/16").

I still had my lip pierced and another nose piercing when this photo was taken.
 18. Lost my bikini bottom while snorkeling (one of the guides had to go get it off the reef while another held a towel around me while I got on the boat practically naked).

19. Had my boobs done (it was technically corrective surgery and not cosmetic, though).

20. Been to Ozzfest and joined the mosh pit with my friend for  my 17th birthday.

21. Watched a transsexual prostitute get into a fight with her pimp.

22. Had my driver's license suspended in Virginia because I refused to pay the ticket and couldn't drive 9 hours to go to the court date (and I wasn't speeding-I had cruise control on and the cop pulled out of a chicken factory and pulled me over because I had New York plates.  I pay all my actual tickets that I'm guilty of).

I wrote this post after I saw this week's prompts from Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop.  1.) Last week we wrote about what we have never done…this week write a list of 22 things you HAVE done. (inspired by Sellabit Mom)

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  1. Oh you have lived. So I've always wanted to know - how do you get your earlobes back to typical size?

  2. When they're like mine or bigger, you have to have surgery to get them back to normal. If they're smaller, they will go back on their own, but it can take a few months.

  3. Wow! Your listing is amazing. #3-seriously? I've always wanted to go to Versailles, now I may rethink that.

    And I've never been to jail, but I did have a real jail connected to my house at one time. My mom used to feed and take care of the prisoners.

  4. Damn! You are full on 'gangsta.' Your list is amazing for such a young person... Glad you beat the drugs. Sorry about your cat, and yes (because you asked in your comment on my blog...), I got my dog back.

    Take Care.

  5. You? Have been busy! I love the photos that you added- you look so happy!

  6. @Grumpy Grateful Mom-I think the other castles near Paris are more fun to visit, but Marie Antoinette's Hamlet at Versailles is pretty neat. That is definitely interesting that you had a jail connected to your house!
    @Babaloo-I'm glad you got your dog back.
    @Galit Breen-Thanks for the comment! I am so happy in that photo because I had just gotten out of a really bad relationship and my mom took me on vacation to Disney World.

  7. Holy wow! What a life! :)
    And totally kudos on the second half of #11.

  8. You so have lived! I love that you qualify the jail comment with "it was only two days." Hee!

  9. Wow! Looks like you have quite a few cool stories to tell, based on your list. I'm intrigued and want more...

  10. Wow, impressive and hysterical list.

    These list that people are making are so cool but I just have one problem, I want to know the whole story behind some of those things.

  11. That is one amazing list!! The most interesting I've read so far...

  12. OMG i can't get past the roach and rodent things. really i feel sick. haha.

  13. One thing is for certain when comparing our lists. You make me feel lame. haha. :-) This is quite a list! Thanks for dropping by!

  14. That is some crazy stuff right there. The dead body out the window takes the case. What happened there? Also that really stinks about the cat. I would be so mad if anyone took one of our cats.

  15. Wow I don't think I've done anything on your list lol

  16. @Nenette AM-Thanks!
    @Cheryl-yeah, my family finally got my crazy bail money after 2 days (it was $12,000)
    @MJ-I definitely have some stories. My life was really crazy for a while.
    @Jen-Thanks! It was so hard narrowing it down to 22 things. Maybe I'll write entire posts about some of my crazy stories one day.
    @Betsey-Thank you! I've definitely done some crazy and some amazing things. roach actually kind of freaked me out when I had to pick it up but it was so worth it to see other people's reactions. The worst was one time it broke free of the chain and crawled down my back under my shirt!
    @Sharon-I liked your list!
    @Soge shirts-We were just driving down the highway at about 4 in the morning and this black SUV in front of us pushed a dead body out the car, then made a U-turn and sped away in the other direction. We had to swerve so we didn't run over the body, then we called 911. It was the most random, weird thing. And I was so mad about my cat. I tried to get him back but the lady that stole him is a retired police officer so the police wouldn't help me.
    @Mom Taxi Julie- I've definitely done some odd things, lol.

  17. These are so awesome! I love them. Knife fight? ;) Wow....

  18. That sure is one impressive list! I have also ran up the art museum steps like Rocky. I love Philly!

  19. What a life you have had already!!
    Honestly the bedazzled cockroach has me amazed and gigglish LOL. I think I have to PIN it. well only if you say yes.
    Oh what interesting things you still have to ahead of you!

  20. Love the jeweled cockroach...just when I think i've seen it all lol. I'm visiting from Mama Kat's, really enjoing your blog!!