Saturday, August 27, 2011

How the Hurricane Ruined my Day

Here on the east coast, we are preparing for Hurricane Irene.  She is supposed to cause lots of flooding and maybe a loss of power where I live.  This hurricane ruined my day, and quite possibly, my relationship.

Quite frankly, today really sucked.  I found out on Facebook that the boyfriend's sister was staying out the hurricane at our house.  With her 2 little, yappy, disgusting, fleabag dogs.  I can't stand small dogs.  I have never had a good experience with them.  I am a cat person, and I tolerate large dogs-the bigger, the better.  Princess is also terrified of dogs, which I found out when I brought her to my therapist's house last week.  She screamed the whole session.

I also can't stand my future sister-in-law.  She is fake, a drunk, and everything she says has a nasty undertone to it.  Whenever she is in my house, I stay in my room.  I keep the kids shut in my room with me.  This is so I can avoid drama.  I do not want to snap on people in front of my kids.

I told the boyfriend to tell his mom she and her dogs could not stay at our house.  She has other friends, or she could have stayed in a hotel or hurricane shelter if she was worried her place would flood.  He refused to talk to his mom, so I confronted her.  I pay rent, and I should have at least been consulted.

I got my period last night, 8 days early.  I am moody, bitchy, and probably could have been nicer, but I wasn't.  I went off on her.  She told me her daughter is her blood, which apparently makes her more important than me.  I threatened to leave with the kids for good. 

She countered by telling me that come Sept. 1, our lease is not being renewed.  We will have a month-to-month lease so the landlord's son can move in.  I think I should have been informed about this as soon as she found out.  I am on the lease, and I pay rent.  It was disrespectful of her not to tell me something this important.

At this point, I was so furious, I couldn't breathe.  I screamed at her to F-off, went upstairs, and got sick.  Then I started packing enough clothes for me and the kids for a few days.  I can't even remember the last time I was this angry.

The boyfriend took his mom's side and accused me of attacking her.  Last time I checked, you can't attack someone just by yelling at them.  I don't like being treated like a 10 year-old and kept in the dark about things that affect me and my kids.

I brought some bags downstairs.  The dogs had been dropped off while I was packing. T was playing with them.  The boyfriend's mom was trying to get Princess to pet them; she was crying.  This set me off again.  I hate yelling in front of my kids, but I did.  I threatened the dogs.  I demanded an apology for being disrespected, but instead got a lecture on not yelling at my kids.

I called my mom.  She took T in her car.  I took Princess, Goober, and my cat Misty.  The boyfriend was mad I took the kids.  I told him I refused to keep our daughter near those flea-bitten, giant rats they were calling dogs.  Oh, and his sister, and mom until she apologized.  He was welcome to come to my parents' house (It is literally only 3 blocks away).

Once we were settled in at my parents', I realized I forgot my cat's food and litter.  I had to go home for it.  One of the dogs tried to bite my leg on the stairs.  I kicked it.  The boyfriend was really upset with me for yelling at his mom.  He also doesn't understand why I don't like his sister, even though he doesn't like her either. 

We argued.  A lot.  He threatened to leave me because I'm mean to him and his family.  I have never yelled at his mom before, but she deserved it.  And, as a rule, I try to avoid his sister so I don't yell at her.  I do yell at him all the time, but 9 times out of 10 it is to pick his garbage up off the floor or take out the stinky garbage.  I don't think that is even really yelling.  It's more like nagging. 

I left again, and it was all worse than before.  I hope he is less pissed off in the morning.  Because today wasn't about him.  It was about me being disrespected and not consulted about important things.   He couldn't see past me yelling at his mom.  I think he should have been on my side.  So that is where things stand.  I just hope Hurricane Irene didn't kill my relationship.

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