Monday, August 29, 2011

Taking a Sick Day

This post will be a shorter one, since I feel crappy and would really rather be sleeping than writing.  Not that I'm really going to get much sleep.  When you're a stay at home mommy, you can't call out of work and take a sick day.

I've tried to do this and failed.  Even with the boyfriend at home, someone still always needs me.  I yearn to have a sick day where I can just lay in bed and throw myself a pity party with no interruptions.  I would even settle for more than 4 hours of uniniterrupted sleep. 

It's not at all like when the boyfriend gets sick. He gets to hole up in a room on a bed or a couch, alone.  He gets all the sleep and quiet he needs.  I make the kids walk on tiptoes and speak in whispers.  When this becomes impossible, we go to the zoo.  Or my parent's house down the street.  He gets to be miserable without the kids around.

When I am sick, however, I find myself schlepping around the house in a medication induced haze.  I also tend to have a child in my arms.  It's not so bad when the baby needs carrying, but trying to keep myself upright while sick with a 45 pound toddler in my arms is not an easy task.
So now I am not only sick, but exhausted.  And my brain is foggy I can't even see straight.  2 of my kids are screaming because they can't grasp the concept of sharing and I need to mediate.

I want to either get better asap or get a lot worse.  Because if I'm worse, I can go to the hospital.  That's practically a vacation when you have 3 kids under 4.  And even though it would suck to be that sick, at least I would get some peace and quiet. 

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