Monday, January 2, 2012

Getting to Know Me

I saw this at Mommy Monologues (she got it from Theta Mom) and I knew I had to do it.  I love answering things like this, and reading them about others.

1. Name someone with the same birthday as you. King Henry VIII 

2. What has been your favorite age so far? 24, 25, 26, 27, because I love being a mom and can't imagine my life without my kids.

3. Where did you meet your husband? He's my boyfriend, and we met at a friend's house when I was staying there.
4. How many children do you have? 3

5. Have you ever sung in front of a large number of people? Yes, I sang with a choir for Pope John Paul II when he came to NY in 1995.

6. What’s the first thing you notice about your preferred sex? I like a good personality, but the first thing I noticed about my boyfriend the night we met was his nose.
7. What really turns you off? Assholes, superficial jerks, and people who don't like kids and treat them like poorly behaved puppies.

8. What do you order at Starbucks? Grande nonfat iced raspberry white mocha, no whip.

9. What is your biggest mistake? Doing drugs, and staying in a relationship with someone who liked doing drugs for as long as I did because I lost over 5 years of my life, hurt friends and family, ruined my teeth, and destroyed my short-term memory.

10. As a child, what did you want to grow up to be? When I was 3, I wanted to be an executioner (I am not kidding, it is on video, lol).  But for most of my childhood, either a vet or a trauma surgeon.

11. Say something totally random about yourself.  I am addicted to Cheddar Chex Mix.  I eat it every night and feel the need to run to the store and buy more when I am down to my last bag so I don't ever run out.

12. Do you still watch kiddie movies or TV shows? Yes.  I love Disney movies, especially princess movies.  I enjoy Power Rangers Samurai a little too much, and also watch Imagination Movers, Spongebob, iCarly, and Wow Wow Wubbzy with my kids.  

13. Did you have braces? Yes, I hated them and forced the orthodontist to take them off early. Then I never wore my retainer, so my teeth looked worse after braces than before.

14. Favorite Social Network? Facebook

15. What is the most romantic thing someone of the preferred sex has done for you? I was proposed to (by my ex) when we were at Disney World.  We had a private dinner on a balcony with our own waiter.  Then I got dessert, and on the plate was a glass slipper with a ring in it.  As soon as I got the plate, fireworks started.  It was pretty cool.

16. When do you know when it’s love? When the boyfriend and I stayed together after getting arrested and spending 2 days in jail a few days after we started dating.  We knew it was love when that incident didn't break us up.

17. Do you speak any other languages? I could speak German when I was a kid-now I can usually understand it, but I can't speak it.  I also used to be fluent in French, but I am a little rusty.

18. Have you ever been to a tanning salon? No, I am so pale I glow in the dark and I like it that way.
19. What magazines do you read? Good Housekeeping, Family Fun, Rachael Ray, and Women's Day.

20. What is playing on your iPod right now? I don't have an iPod.  But I do like CDs, and I listen to Stevie Nicks and the Les Miserables soundtrack in my car.  I also have Pandora on my phone and laptop, and I listen to dubstep on that.

21. Have you ever ridden in a limo? No, I have an irrational fear of limos and I will never ever in my life set foot in one of those death traps.

22. Has anyone you were really close to passed away? My Oma died in 2007 and my Grandma died in 2011.  I also lost my husky Tiko in 2007, 3 days after the birth of my first son, and it was devastating (and it still hurts the most).

23. Do you watch MTV? Yeah, I watch Jersey Shore and Teen Mom 2.  And I love watching True Life.

24. What’s something that really annoys you? When the boyfriend wears headphones while he's playing games on the computer and the real world ceases to exist.  All 3 kids can be crying and I will be screaming his name and he doesn't hear a damn thing.  Oh, and when he doesn't take the garbage out.

25. Which television show you were sad to say goodbye to? Lost
26. Can you dance?  I was in the ballroom dancing club in high school.  But no, not unless I want to look like a fool.

27. What’s your favorite place in the world? The house upstate, in the Catskills.  I love it so much there.  If I thought I had half a chance in hell of my dad letting me live there year round, I would beg him every day.
28. Have you ever been rushed by an ambulance into the emergency room? Yes, a couple weeks after my botched epidural when I was in so much pain I was stuck in the fetal position on the bathroom floor. 

29. If you could meet anyone (dead or alive) who would it be? Catherine of Aragon or Queen Anne for real people.  But my top choice would be Anne Rice's Lestat.

30. If you could change one thing in the world for your child, what would it be? I would make sure there were no bullies.  I am terrified that one of my babies will get bullied in school like I was.

Your turn:  If you’re up for the challenge, ask a question in the comments that you would like to know more about and I’ll do my best to answer it.  Or do this question thing yourself and leave your link in the comments!

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